Friday, 16 June 2017

Todays fitness with Mrs. Raj!

         Today’s fitness

Today we went out for fitness with Mrs Raj and Mrs Pome’e . On the courts we did our stretches then in a group we jogged around the netball court and did our chants that we made up. We were running but we had to bunch up so we can be as a team. This was challenging but fun!.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

scavenger Hunt

Today we did an animal scavenger hunt in science
Did you know that
  1. the largest animal in the world is the blue whale. It grows over 100 feet long.a blue whale tongue is as heavy as an elephant and it’s heart is about the size of a small automobile.

Did you also know that
2.  a bat is a mammal, not a bird. It has hair, not feathers. It does not have a beak or bill. Its babies are born alive,not from eggs.

Did you also know that
3. most tigers have about 100 strips. no two tigers have the same stripe pattern. A tiger’s roar is so loud that it can be heard more than a mile a way.

did you also know that a male horse is called a stallion. A female horse is called a mare. A baby horse is a foal . a young female horse is called a filly.
did you also k

now that a giraffe sleeps less than any other mammal. It needs less than two hours of sleep per day

Friday, 5 May 2017


                Geometrical Fitness
                    with Mrs Raj
Today Mrs. Raj and room 10 went to fitness. Mrs Raj put us in 1 group and 2 group. We made geometrical shapes with our bodies  The first shapes we made were a square, a triangle,rectangle and a circle. Both our groups made a trapezium and an oval. Some of  the shapes were hard to make with our bodies. Miss Card was taking  pictures of us when we were doing a shape with our bodies.

After that room 10 did 5 star jumps,10 push ups,step ups and finally we touch our toe and jump 10 time then Mrs Raj said that all of us have to run around the netball court twice. It was fun doing our fitness with Mrs Raj.

 20170505_091646 (1).jpg    20170505_093949.jpg